Our Story

Origins of the restaurant

In order to make urban districts more fascinating, young people created a hospitality and innovative culinary company called the B3 Boyz.

Founded by three closest friends who are hyper-focused food and hospitality entrepreneurs!


Why choose us

The B3 Boyz brand is designed to provide a variety of expertly curated food and beverage experiences that are affordable to all types of people everywhere. We feature exquisite spice blends that provide delectable regional cuisine and fusion, which creates specialised cuisine experience.

Every day, a group of more than 100+ brilliant people from all over the world keep working on what will come next so as to give our visitors a truly special hospitality experience.


To offer a superb, consistent customer experience that gives the B3 Boyz brand a very high recall value. To create new ideas, culinary art and service standards. To be an organization that understands its social responsibilities & grows as a team together with its people and loyal base of B3 Boyz brand fans.


Our vision is to create fun food and beverage spaces with high design and value. To expand our ideas across USA with a young, humble team that is dynamic and constantly learning from its customers and each other, and to be able to delight a billion customers.